Monday, September 4, 2017

The illusion of fear

Humanity are beings that are watched over with love and we rain down our energy on humanity with love. We do not wish you any harm. There is no fear; this is all an illusion of the mind. What you see around you on the earth, the increased violence, the unfair treatment of humans and the control which only seems to be in the hands of the rich will fade away. The time has come where personalities like this will not be able to overthrow what you know is truth, the spiritual truth. When you direct your energy towards the spiritual truths you will open the heart center and consciousness to receive love, which is the highest frequency that anyone can receive. You have the power to choose love. So, why would you want to experience anything else? Surround yourself with personalities that know love and share this willingly. They are the ones that will help Gaia transform into the next phase of her cycle. We realize that linear time seems to go by slowly; this is only perceived so by the mind and is also an illusion. Enjoy life and its wonders and when doing so there will be no room for fear or any other threats. The body is flesh which shall return to the dust yet you never seize to exist and will simply receive a new body when the time for incarnation is right. This is a fundamental understanding which was shared with humanity thousands of years ago. The power hungry people, also known as the illuminati have tried to erase this understanding. They are at the losing end of this battle between good and evil, the duality that is on this planet. The tension between countries such as the USA and North Korea are a distraction and a deliberate attempt to keep people living in fear. It is meant to keep the people from moving into love. Yet, more and more are awakening to this illusion of fear. Know that you are loved and cared for and find comfort in this knowing. This knowing is a universal truth for everyone and the more you hear this the more you will feel it within your being. The mind is very powerful. Behaviors and belief systems were accepted from the parents and their experiences became your own, it is not who you are, it is not who they are either. It is an ongoing cycle and you are here to break through this cycle and are very capable of doing so. The new age is approaching where people will go within for answers and receive them from the guides that they are connected to through the same consciousness that is shared. You are a spiritual being and so much more.

~ Hearts Have Wings ~

Friday, June 30, 2017

Intuition - The sixth sense

The majority of people only use their five sensory perceptions: Smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch. These people don’t remember how to use the “sixth sense”, which is the intuition that connects them with the spiritual realm. When someone isn’t aware of their intuition often times it is explained as: Coincidences, divine intervention, and so on. The intuition brings us warnings such as unnerved feelings like something isn’t right. Many tragedies can be prevented when we listen to our intuition. Ancient cultures, such as the Native Americans for example, knew how to use this sixth sensory perception. Due to the duality on the earth (good versus bad), people that were craving power and control tried to erase the spiritual knowledge and condemn the connection to spirit so they could overpower entire civilizations. Fear was the main tool used to control people. Humanity in general is breaking free from this control because many people are connecting with the spiritual realm and their guides, they are waking up and the sixth sense is helping us to connect with the soul. When enough people are able to use their multi sensory perception the global consciousness will shift from dark to light, evil will shift to love. Evil or darkness exists because of the unconscious mind which is the ego.

For most people life is flying by fast. They are busy and distracted by everyday life that they don’t take the time to find the stillness within which is needed to receive spirits messages. Often times they do not remember how to activate their sixth sense. When a child is born they are raised in an environment which is designed to steer them away from their authentic self causing the child to ignore their natural ability to connect with spirit through the use of the sixth sense. It is the parent’s belief system based on fear and off the ego conditioned by their environment that steers these children away. This cycle repeats itself until someone wakes up and breaks this bondage and we know these people to be the “black sheep” in the family. These “black sheep” will bring awareness which in turn raises the awareness of the people around them and eventually consciousness will expand, individually and global. When people remain unaware of who they are they can go through life with a great deal of suffering until they are ready to open up to the sixth sense and sometimes they never will. Most people are interested in knowledge that goes beyond the five sensory perceptive. However, when their intentions are based in fear they will also attract the “dark side” of life. It doesn’t have to be like this because we can break free from karma by shifting our intentions from fear to love. Christianity describes this as the planting of the seed. If you plant a seed and the intention is based on fear whatever will grow from this seed will give you suffering. When the seed is planted and the intention is based on love, the seed will produce blessings and abundance. Regardless of having a connection with spirit by consciously using our sixth sense we can change our intentions as long as it is free from ego (fear).